It's official


Today, PathoPulse ApS is founded. PathoPulse is a new company with a mission to improve patient care by serving the needs for training and teaching pathologists, boosting the value of digitized slides and increasing the level of standardization in pathology.

After a few months of preparation including lively discussions with stakeholders and early adopters, development iterations and prototype coding, PathoPulse has taken the first step into the real world and is now a registered company.

The primary focus of the company at this point is the platform - a highly intuitive, flexible and modular digital platform for teaching and continuous training of pathologists. Other use cases include quality assessment of slides, sharing reference images and getting a second opinion on patient cases.

The platform is still in beta-mode. Please contact us at to get early access to the platform and try the new feature.

By joining the PathoGate mailing list you are automatically notified of new features on the platform.