Rethink teaching and training in pathology is a platform that offers a completely new approach to teaching and training in pathology. The platform is highly modular and offers a rich set of features allowing for remote or classroom-based sessions, to accommodate your teaching and training needs.

Create new course/module

Build fully fledged on-line courses

The intuitive admin interface allows you to easily build a fully-fledged pathology training course from scratch. 

All you need to get started is to create a new module, provide instructions in the form of webpages or documents, share your images, define the relevant questions and invite participants.

Link images directly from your own server

Share images

Whole slide images (scans) can easily be shared directly from your own slide repository (currently supporting Hamamatsu's NDP.Serve).

Images can also be uploaded to the platform for instant access. supports more than 150 different images formats.

Image collection example
Patient case collection example

Organize your content

Content in is organized as either image collections or patient case collections.

Image collections are suitable for collections of images from different patients, and wish to ask the same question to all images in the collection.

Patient case collections are suitable if you wish to combine clinical information with several images from the same patient in a case. This mode also allows for running a diagnostic simulator.

Single slide mode
Dual slide mode

Integrated single or dual viewer provides fast and precise navigation of slides. All slides are available in full scanned resolution and the viewer provides an integrated navigator, which allows for fast navigation to other parts of the slide. Full screen mode maximizes viewing space.

The platform also offers a dual mode with ability to lock two slides for parallel zoom and pan. This feature is useful if you wish to compare with a reference slide.

Assign questions to image collection
Dashboard with live result overview

Assign questions to images and patient cases

Administrators can assign questions to images and patient cases. Answers can be provided as numbers, free text or multiple choice from drop down menus or checkbox lists.

Participants will see the questions while navigating the images, and can also see the answers they have provided in their gallery overview.

Administrators have access to a dashboard providing a live overview of the answers provided by all participants and the option to highlight discrepancies.

Submit results and see correct answers

Configurable access to correct answers

Administrators determine when participants should have access to the correct answers. In the video example participants get access to results when they have scored every slide in the collection and submitted their results.

Other options include never showing results, always showing results or to show results for each image when it has been scored.

Use annotations for guidance and dialogue

Share annotations

Annotations can be drawn directly on the images and associated comments can be added.

Administrators can provide annotations that serves as a guide or as instructions for participants.

Participants can provide annotations as part of solving a case.

Administrators can see all participant annotations and provide feedback when relevant.

Cast on click
Instant casting

Cast content

As an administrator you can cast (project) content to all participants in a live session. 

Participants can be sent to a document, a page, a patient case, an image or an annotation, while being able to navigate individually, answer questions etc.

The option of instant casting literally turns the platform into a multi headed microscope. is currently in beta-version. Please contact us to learn more about how you can get access and be among the first to take teaching and training to the next level.