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International Leader in Proficiency Testing joins

The Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia Quality Assurance Programs (RCPAQAP) has selected the platform to facilitate an efficient collection of expert assessments for their technical proficiency programs in Anatomical Pathology and Molecular Genetics. They become the second major EQA provider to use the platform for integrated and efficient data collection in the EQA process.


PathoPulse Receives Innofounder Grant

We're proud to announce that Innovation Fund Denmark has granted the Innofounder grant to PathoPulse Aps. The decision is based on an ambitious project plan to further develop and strengthen the platform with additional image hosting capabilities and integration of AI image analysis.


Danish Pathology Society selects as their next generation teaching platform

Facing a need to update the existing solution for training resident pathologists, the Danish Pathology Society (DPAS) has selected as an integrated teaching platform for their specialty courses. DPAS has the responsibility for training residents in all major specialties within anatomic pathology and cytology, and runs 10-15 organ-related courses a year with teachers and participants from all over Denmark. Going forward the digital platform will be used for all specialty courses and support teachers in providing up-to-date teaching and training.


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