PathoPulse Receives Innofounder Grant


We're proud to announce that Innovation Fund Denmark has granted the Innofounder grant to PathoPulse Aps. The decision is based on an ambitious project plan to further develop and strengthen the platform with additional image hosting capabilities and integration of AI image analysis.

The Innofounder Grant is designed to support innovative startups with clear ambitions and plans for bringing new ideas and solutions to the market. The grant has been rewarded by Innovation Fund Denmark, who invests in entrepreneurs, researchers and businesses that create value and new solutions to our society’s biggest challenges.

Receiving the grant will allow PathoPulse to pursue our ambitious development plans. This includes additional infrastructure required to support the growing need for hosting user content like whole slide images, documents etc. It further allows for development and integration of AI based image analysis tools which will allow for workflow automation and improved user experience in a number of relevant use cases. 

CEO and Founder of PathoPulse, Andreas Schønau is proud to receive the grant and looking forward to the new capabilities of the platform that the grant will bring: "This is a great opportunity to accelerate the our development plans to build the most user friendly and intuitive platform for teaching, training and proficiency testing in pathology to the benefit of new and existing customers. It is great to see that Innovation Fund Denmark and the external review panel also recognizes the need to further improve the tools in this space and believes that PathoPulse can make a real difference".