New Workflow for Tissue Microarrays


A new workflow for working with your tissue microarray (TMA) slides is now available at the platform. Start by annotating your TMA slides to label the individual cores you would like to use. Then let the platform split the TMA slides to individual cores. Finally you assign the desired questions to the images and invite people to join your module. It is also possible to add the expected answers to give participants instant feedback when slides have been scored.

Ever wondered how you could ensure that people viewing your TMA or multi-tissue block are actually looking at the right core? Have you ever been confused about the orientation of a grid layout? Does your TMA contain cores that are irrelevant to score? With the ability to easily split your TMA or multi-tissue slide into individual cores, you can now improve the user experience and reduce the amount of errors when using scanned images containing multiple samples.

In combination with existing features for generating and assigning questions you can easily control the input you expect the participants of your activity to provide. The customizable dashboard provides administrators with a real-time overview of all input generated by participants.

By providing expected answers and deciding how to share those with your participants administrators can further give participants instant feedback on their performance as soon as they have completed the dataset. 

No more keeping track of TMA grid coordinates and orientation. No more hassling with spreadsheets or paper to track scores. No more waiting sleepless for feedback on performance. 

The platform is still in beta-mode, and hence not yet generally available. But you can contact us at if you are interested in getting early access to the platform and try the new feature.

You can also join the PathoGate mailing list here.