Turn your laptop into a Covid safe multi headed microscope


A new instant cast feature has been released to the PathoGate.net platform. This allows for instant, high-quality zoom and pan of digitized slides. With the new feature you can share your images and host a session with as many participants as you like, while you control the view of the participants screens. This enables interactive and high quality image sharing in a Covid safe enviroment.

The instant cast feature of the PathoGate.net platform allows instructors and teachers to instantly and automatically share the content of their own screen with participants. Using this new feature you literally turn your laptop into a multi headed microscope, but without the usual limitations of physical presence and number of users.

Content is being streamed directly from the image management system of your choice, ensuring optimal image quality and avoiding the blur which is often seen when using video conference platforms. 

Instant casting can be turned on and off during a session to allow for participants to independently navigate and interact with the images, in order to provide comments, scores and annotations. Participants can also request to cast content of their screen to the instructor/teacher and other participants in the session.

The platform is still in beta-mode, and hence not yet generally available. But you can contact us at contact@pathopulse.com if you are interested in getting early access to the platform and try the new feature.

You can also join the PathoGate mailing list here.